Monday, October 5, 2015

Android TV, Cut my Cable cord and I'm happy

Good evening everyone.  Today I want to begin to talk about something that I would like to maybe touch on for a while since it will constantly change and hopefully get better as time goes by.  I am talking about Cutting your cable bill if not eliminating it all together.  I am sure a lot of you are aware of  Android TV, and many of you are already using it.  That is great, but for the millions of you who have not heard of it, I am here to enlighten you.  
Android TV is pretty much how it sounds.  It is a box or mini Computer running Android OS.  The advantage of this is if you currently are using an Android phone or tablet you are already familiar with how android TV works, because it is the same.  With that being said there are already a large number of device out there from various companies for sale and that is good and bad.  The reason I say this is because it is just like the Android phones you have some low end models and you have some high end models and the performance will vary by models hardware and software.  ( I will go further into this later)  
For some people they want to be able to play the games that they play on their phones, and others want to strictly watch TV with their device, it is a matter of preference.  I know you are also wandering about the price which is pretty important, well for me anyways.  Price varies by manufacture and the hardware being used.  So naturally if you find a product that is really cheap it may have some cheaper hardware or lower specs, whereas you have some of the top of the line models that you well known hardware, and have the best specs, and you are likely to pay more for them.  (Just stating the obvious to get it started) 
The first device I would like to talk about is the Onvo Android Player.  I wanted to talk about this device first because this is the current device that I am playing with. I decided to try this one because of the hardware on this device.  This device has 8 Gigs of on board memory, and 2 Gigs of RAM.  What does this mean to you?  8 Gigs of on board memory means that you have that memory that you can use to store things like pictures, music videos or games.  When I say games I mean whatever games you have on your phone you can play on the big screen.  2 Gigs of RAM is the memory the computer has to store the operating system and any apps that are currently running. (hint: The more RAM the better) Other perks of this device that I like is that it capable of playing 4K video for those that have to have the latest and greatest.  It has an expandable memory so if you want to add an more memory to store more of your media.    
So far my experience with the Onvo Player is good.  I have played quite a few movies and a couple of games, with no issues.  On a side note I do want to mention for any of these players is that depending on your internet speed your video can buffer or pause.  I also recommend that you get wireless touchpad keyboard or Logitech Wireless Keyboard because of the keyboard gives you better typing when you are searching for content.  
My next post is going to focus on the various models and some of my favorites and how you can get them. Also if you click on the links to any of the devices that are highlighted it will take you directly to a page where you can order that device.  Now I am well aware that there are a lot of you that already aware of Android TV boxes, and that is great, but this particular post is for those that are not really aware of these devices and what they can do.  I will post more on them and get deeper but I don't want to overwhelm any one.  With that being said Happy Streaming my friends.  

Saturday, February 5, 2011

G-Slate coming to T-Mobile

With the new year upon us and all the trends surrounding Tablets in the wireless world.  You just have to wonder "What tab is coming out next?" and "Is it going to be better than the IPad?"  We are going to focus on T-Mobile today and talk about what they have going on for the moment.  Their first step in the arena of Tabs (and all of the other major carriers for that matter) was the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  It has had some pretty good success.  As of January 29, 2011 there have been over 2 million Tabs sold.  To be honest it is the next most polished tab out next to the Ipad (and no I am not one of those Ifans that say they are the best just because of the name).
The next tablet is the Dell streak.  There was a little buzz about it, but it just buzzed out.  Being one of the first tablets to come out with the Tegra dual core processor, it looked promising.  When you turned on the device it was a different story. The display was definitely where Dell decided to cut cost at. With it's not so great reviews and the hardware it is touting it has become a disappointment right out the gate. Now the third try for T-Mobile is coming from a company that was late to the game with Android, and are now coming with a tablet, means they are playing catch up and they are coming at full speed.  I am talking about LG.  Their tablet named the G-Slate seems more promising than Dell's try, with a few over the top extras that will either prove to be fad or here to stay.  I am talking about none other than 3-D video recording in HD.  At the moment you will have to wear 3d glasses for the content but things could change from now until next month.  The G-Slate will come with a Tegra-2 processor which means with Googles Honeycomb it will be up to date for the moment with the latest technology.  The video that is on the web of the slate in action really does not define whate the display is really like, so i guess we will have to wait until someone gives a sise by side comparison or it hits stores in March.
Will you get the G-Slate or will you wait to see what is next?
please give your thoughts or opinions.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 The year of the Super phones

A couple of days ago I was reading about some of the latest phones coming out for 2011, being that the Consumer Electronic Show is now over and I heard some positive comments and some negative comments.  I was kind of stunned at the negative comments that were not your typical fan boy it's not an Iphone it sucks, or it's not Android........You know the spill.  Well what I was hearing was about phones and carriers, so lets get into the phones first.
     Let's talk about the Nexus S.  It came out December 16 and it was not a "Game changer" but it is a great phone with a couple of first.  It is Based on the Samsung Galaxy line which cannot be all that bad. After it is all said and done Samsung has had some reasonable succes with the Galaxy line.  Yes the phone has a 1GHz A8 processor, a VGA front facing camera, and no Hi Def video, but the response is fast, probably the fastest out at the moment compared to some of the videos out there right now.  I have not had any problems with the phone freezing having constant force closes as some of the other phones have had.  The curved screen is really nice but since I use my bluetooth all the time contouring to the shape of my face does not matter, but when I put it next to my wife's Vibrant it has a fresh look that I prefer.
I hear people say that the phone is garbage because it has no memory card slot.  That is a little funny because some of those people don't complain about the Iphone not having an SD slot, and some of the people who are making the comment will never even use the 16 Gigs of memory on the phone.  I must admit I wish the phone had a dual core processor on it and HD video recording.  The phone is the first that I know of with Near Field Communication.  The feature is useless on the phone right now but it seems Google has big plans for the feature.  They are hoping to be able to use it to make payments by just having your phone with you and not having to pull out the wallet.  I am already hearing that Google is trying to get to deep into our personal lives and have to much access to our personal information.

There is so much that I can go on with that I could be here all night but I am going to write about some of the new products in other post.  I am curious to know what you think about some of the points I touched on.  I want to know if you are the type that go out and purchase phones just because it is the latest phone and you can say I got it first,  you stick to a specific brand and wait for their release of a phone, or do you just wait til a phone comes along that you feel is just perfect for you? (I must admit I have a thing for the 4.3 inch screen and fully loaded.

One last thing before I go, is that I want to touch on the Samsung T-mobile debacle.  I have heard some serious crying about Samsung and T-mobile false advertising because they have not rolled out the latest updates on the Android set.  Now I am not complaining about the people who have complained or the two companies that have not updated these phones, but I thought that Android was supposed to be open source so that you can go in and make your own apps and I am not to clear on the roms.  One thing I know is that there are a few developers out there who have made custom ROM's for just about every Android device out.  Most of the ROMs by Cyanogen are more stable than the ones that come on some of the phones and they are free for you to download.  I think we have an excellent alternative when these companies don't live up to our expectations.

So what do you think about some of the phones that you have heard about, or you thoughts and opinions about your carrier(s)?